Weddings 2018

bride outside by swingWell we’re about to tie up and put a bow on 2017 and I look forward to all the great brides and the fun weddings to come.  My daughter got married in early December of 2017.  I do not photograph my children’s weddings.  That is a day for me to be the dad.  I remember enjoying very much standing at the main door of the church and welcoming people as they entered. I was very proud.  Hannah, my daughter, had helped with many wedding for her friends throwing showers, luncheons and even out of town trips and now it was her turn.  She looked beautiful in her gown and everything clicked right along very nicely since she had planed every minute down to the second.  I enjoy watching how other photographers practice their craft and I tend to learn new things by watching them.

I have photographed hundreds of weddings and really enjoy photographing all the detailed flourishes.  From the detail on the wedding cake to beautiful embroidery on the wedding gown.   Brides go all out making sure their wedding party has a great time and some fine memorabilia to take home.  Weddings are held at many different places these days.  Ranches, castles, barns and farms are just as likely to be the venue as a church.   Brides can put their own stamp on their wedding because the wedding locations are so varied. My daughter had her wedding in a 116 year old Catholic church which means we didn’t have to decorate the church at all and put all that expense into the reception.  Check out LeMay Photography for your wedding.  I think you’ll find us a good value.  Wedding Photos | Photo Booth | Bridal Portraits

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