Twin Seniors – Double the Fun

Senior portrait girls with fishing rodsWe had the great pleasure of working with a set of twin girls celebrating their senior year with portraits from LeMay Photography.  We always encourge seniors to bring items meaningful to them.  One girl brought a guitar and the other her  drawing tools.  Using portraiture as Memory Insurance is what we promote.  Fifty years in the future these permanent portraits will be enjoyed and valued by their ancestors. There are many different ways to photograph a senior and her guitar.  Many samples are available online which I enjoy exploring with the senior, picking out the poses they like.  When the senior has a guitar the instrument can be shot straight on or down the neck.  When you shoot down the neck the size of the guitar is deemphasized and the senior becomes the star of the photo.  The senior can actually play the guitar but you need to take quite a few photos to make that work.  I like to shoot with the senior not playing and concentrate on the expression and angles in the portrait.   The guitar can also be used as a posing prop with the seniors arms and elbows resting on the top of the guitar. This makes a great photo of the instrument and an even better photo of the senior.   Her sister liked to draw so she brought her pens and tablets.  These are great props because they can be arranged in many different ways.  One fun composition is to include in the photo a drawing of the finished portrait.  I like to have the subject sitting on the floor for these types of shots.  They seem more relaxed and comfortable and means better senior portraits.

Instead of two sessions this was like three sessions.  Each sister alone then a shot of them together.  These two sisters Senior portrait sisters with great long hair and scrafsseem very comfortable together, they had been practicing for a long time.  After working in the studio we continued outside.  Most photographers don’t have a studio to work in but on a cold or rainy day the advantage of the studio is revealed.  Being able to make the light behave in just the way you want is a great joy.  We have created many great senior portriats in our studio however most current seniors like to have many outdoor portraits to choose from.  We ask our clients if they have a place in mind for out door photography most of the time they do not.  We give them about three choices explaining the difference and advantages of each.  The twins selected an outdoor spot nearby.  It takes just a few minutes to drive there so we didn’t use up the session time in the car.  This particular area is great to work in because is offers shade with specular light nearby.  I have to control the light, especially on the senior’s face and eyes, however having some bright direct sunlight in the the background is important because it increases the dimensional quality of the photo. Check out the photos with direct sunlight on the girl’s hair.  These photos are difficult to make because you have to light a subject’s face or it would go very dark.  With a little patience and some professional equipment you can make a really special portrait.  The last photo of the session, just of the girl’s feet, I think the shot worked, check it out.

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