Traci’s Family

I first met Traci when she was a student at UALR Twenty five years ago while working on a sorority composite.  I worked at UALR for ten years as a media producer. I made teaching aids, audio projects and photography.   I still do annual projects for UALR and count them as one of my most dear clients.  Traci competed in pageants and occasionally needed portraits.  She tried several times giving it her best try, she left nothing “on the field”.  She was one of my early display portrait subjects.

Then came the wedding.  I was asked to photograph her wedding and got to meet Tim her fiancee.  She was a beautiful bride. So, more display portraits for me.  Then every few years she would come by for Family Portraits and Professional Portraits needed for business.  We always look forward to working with her.  She knows what she wants and is not afraid to communicate her desires clearly.   We started planning the latest collection of Family Portraits several month before the session.  She wanted a fall foliage background so we planned an appropriate time for the session.

Proper planning for a Family Portrait is very important.  The clothing needs to have a somewhat unified look.  Not that everyone has to match but that the clothes support the entire photograph.  We always suggest solid colors, pastels work the best.  Some families are large and need some special attention.  We have appropriate posing chairs which we use in the studio and outdoors.  These allow me to arrange the people for a great composition and they are not just in a straight line.  Most of the time I try to use very little furniture outdoors, I prefer a clean simple look.  Family Portraits are not easy to put together.  My part is fun as all the hard work has already been done.  Many times family members are resistant to the project remembering unpleasant sessions during childhood and other times.  All the effort is worth it.   As you hang your beautiful Family Photo over the couch and enjoy it everyday you will remember only the best times with your family.

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