The Photo Booth – The Loud Screams Booth – The Total Crazy Fun Booth

Photo booth little rock

photo booth little rock

As a Professional Photographer who photographs weddings I am always on the look out for new and innovative things.  I started seeing Photo Booths at my weddings and observed how much fun people had in them.  I thought a Photo Booth would be a great add on to my business.  I already understand the technology so supporting the needs of the Photo Booth would not be a problem.  Then my oldest son announced his engagement so I thought it would be nice to have as my first Photo Booth job at his wedding.  The Photo Booth performed as I expected and everyone had a great time.

Brides are always interested in their guest having a good time and providing a memento of the her wedding.  There is nothing more memorable than a personal photograph of the guest with a sentiment from the bride and groom at the bottom.  I’ve had people tell me that the simple photo booth image is the only photo they have of their loved ones and they keep it like a treasured family heirloom.

Photo booth little rock happy friends

photo booth little rock


As the Photo Booth starts it’s program the first thing people see is a preview image of themselves.  This starts the fun as they maneuver to get in the photo they move closer and closer together, and the fun begins.  After each photo is taken the Photo Booth shows the photo in the booth and the loud laughing and screaming starts.  By the time the cycle is over there is major blushing and many times tears of joy and great fun.  Call today and rent the Photo Booth and I of course come along to make sure everything goes great.

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