Senior Photos – Senior Portraits

senior photo portrait playing violin on railroad tracksSenior photography is a lot of fun. I really enjoy talking to the seniors because it was in my senior year that my future began to reveal itself. I was the high school newspaper and yearbook photographer. There was just me and I loved it. It is hard to find your place in high school. Some find it in sports or on the stage and clubs. I found it with a giant camera you only see in movies now.  It made eight photos on a roll of film. The studio that had the school contract was very interested in me not wasting their film and processing.  So, every eight shots a proof sheet was made and my photos were critiqued by a professional photographer. They would say:  move in closer change the angle adjust the exposure to make a great photo. That was the best way to learn. Now every time I trigger the shutter I am trying to make a great photo every time.

Senior portrait photography allows me to be creative because the senior is usually open to different things and interesting places.  Jennifer the senior in the photo with this post is just that.  She is an ice skater and violinist.  So let’s go to the railroad tracks and let her play the violin there.  Max Fun!  Senior Portraits Little Rock | Senior photo

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