Real Estate Photography

real estate photo little rockI really like moving trash cans, garden hoses and small children’s swimming pools so they are not in the listing photos.  If a homeowner is going to cover something with a tarp then it’s going to be the brightest orange tarp ever made and it has to be moved out of the shot.  Real estate photos are viewed by a great number of people, my wife looks at several thousand each night and I think it’s important to get it right for the the home owner and real estate agent.  Inside the challenges abound, there was the listing with two dogs and two dog beds in each room, and of course the refrigerator with so many childhood masterpieces on it  that you could not see the fridge.  It takes a bit more time when the house has not been de-cluttered  but it has to be done to make a proper real estate photo.   Floors are a very important part of a home.  Without floors we would have to walk on dirt, concrete or balance on joists which an Olympic gymnast might be able to do but not most people.  I pay close attention to the look of the floors and like them to look shiny and clean by directing the proper light from the windows.  I shoot into my iPad and share the image with the real estate agent or the homeowner this gives them the chance to make changes as they wish including the substitution of and re substitution of multiple pillows.  Real estate Photo | residential real estate | mls pictures

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