Portrait Studios – Buggy Whips – Bowler Hats

I set up my first studio in my parents house where I was living with them in my early twenties. I needed to make the newspaper photos for a bride whose wedding was soon. I knew what a background looked like and I was sure I didn’t have one. So I got a large sheet of velum from a Architecture/Art store and some colored chalk and I made a very nice background which worked just fine. I started shooting weddings for a lady whose husband had passed away. She directed the wedding and I made the photos for $15 per wedding. Her studio was my first exposure to studio photography. I had the opportunity to buy her business and we made a deal and the studio was mine. I got married and children were on the way so we needed to move. My children needed more space and it was time to move to a rented studio space. It was in the “Lower Lobby Level” of the building or also know as the basement and cost $225 per month but it was a good start. I enlarged my studio as space became available and soon I had all the room I would ever need. The one day when I had two weddings to shoot, I came in early to get ready and found the entire studio flooded with several inches of water. It was time to move so i rented the space I always dreamed of in west Little Rock. It was in shopping center that people had heard of with a huge sign and large gallery. I was happy there for nineteen years. Recently I wanted to downside and go to a more efficient location and now you can find me in the Arcade Square Center where i have my studio. Studio | Studio Photography | Studio Portraits | Business Portraits | Head Shots | Real Estate

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