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Business Portrait - Head Shot

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Your Professional Image is very important.  It is your first contact for new business and opportunities.  So, make sure the first image creates a lasting impression.  Business Portrait sessions usually last less than one hour and receive the full attention of a digital artist for the best look possible.  You may bring a couple of tops, ties or other items to vary the your appearance.  Your session is confirmed with payment of the deposit, $40.00.  If you work for a company that  has an account at LeMay Photography we will be happy to invoice the company.  If this is your first visit to LeMay Photography you're eligible for the First Timers Special* which will give you a discount of $16.00, please mention this before payment is made.  Session and first retouched digital photo file is $115.00 plus tax.  *Payment required at time of session.  Deposits are not refundable but are transferable to a different date.  Thirty dollars will be added to weekend sessions.  Unless I am billing your company please click here to pay your deposit $40.00.  Please select a date and time and we will reply soon with a confirmation.      Thanks  

Family Portraits

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Family Mini Sessions are $149.00 which includes thirty minutes, up to four subjects and all the original photo files in high resolution.  Photo files delivered by web site download.  Prints may be made from the original camera files: 

4 x 6 – .29, 5 X 7 – 1.09 and 8 X 10’s – $2.29 when ordered on line.  Studio only – One outfit

Extended Family portrait session, studio, outdoors or your home, up to 90 minutes is $350.00 which includes all the original high resolution photo files on a flash drive in a stylish box with a photo of the family on the front. 

On-line viewing viewing of the portraits is available be don't hesitate to ask.

Or, you may view your portraits in our projection room with my digital artist who can answer all your questions and help you with your order.  This way you purchase just to photos you want.  Forty dollars deposit needed to book. Minimum purchase is $350.   Deposits are not refundable but are transferable to another date.

 Discover more about Family Portraits by LeMay Photography by visiting our studio in western Little Rock. We will talk about clothing and location. Planning is a very important component. The details require a lot of attention but payoff in a big way.  Select your date and time and make your request and we will begin to confirm your request.  Your appointment will be confirmed upon payment of the deposit.   Our portrait studio is a comfortable place featuring a white or “high Key”  set up to shoot clients in white garments and a darker room with all the portrait backgrounds when people are dressed in more formal colors. We can accommodate about six to eight people in studio portraits. When groups are larger we can talk about alternative shooting sites. I really enjoy the outdoor portrait sessions. Children are easier to photograph outside since you can capture them “at play”

Real Estate Photography

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Real Estate Photography by LeMay Photography is a flat rate of $99 and your first home is half off.  (Central Arkansas only)

LeMay Photography is a full-time professional photography studio in west Little Rock. We would like to work with you on your Real Estate photography needs. LeMay Photography  offers speedy and affordable photography services. We would like to enhance your brand’s identity without breaking the bank.

Commercial interiors and exteriors offer a different type of challenge but yield very useful images for advertising and marketing.  Call or email for a custom quote.

Senior Portraits

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We create SENIOR PORTRAITS for our high school students that truly reflect this outstanding time in their lives. Senior portraits Flash Drive Boxare made in our studio, outdoors and places special to the senior. My favorite Senior Portrait Session starts here at the studio with a few formal or dressy clothes and continues to a wooded area nearby. Then we can go to a segment of railroad tracks. We finish up at the River Market Park which has old brick walls, the Arkansas river and varies cityscapes. With LeMay Photography you have a choice. Four to five outfits are common.  Minimum purchase $350.00.

Senior Portraits on a Flash Drive (Studio or outdoors)

This includes all the original digital images in high resolution presented in a stylish box with a photo on the front and flash drive inside, $350.00 you may print or use these images however you wish.  Receive 50% off on all prints and packages, frames excluded,  Our prints are retouched or edited to remove blemishes.  Add to aboveRetouched/edited images  $20.00 ea.  

On-line viewing is available, please don't hesitate to ask.

Or view the photos in our projection room with the digital artist and buy just the  photo package  desired, minimum purchase is $350.00.  Packages start at $350.00 for 2 - 8 X 10's, 4 - 5 X 7's and 4 - 4 X 6's from you two favorite poses Photos retouched to remove blemishes and other facial imperfections and stray hairs.

Senior Mini Session:  Two outfits, studio only, includes the original digital file with print release. $195.00

Baby - Child Session

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  • LeMay Photography in Little Rock, AR is your baby photography expert. Let us help you capture those memories of your most precious possessions!
      • Child Portrait mini sessions are thirty minutes long with one subject and one change of clothes for $99.00.  Add a brother, sister or parent for $60 more.  Sessions featuring one hour of time and up to three subjects with two changes of clothes are $175.00. You will receive all the high resolution files by download from our web site.
      • Outdoor child sessions, one hour of time, includes all the original photos on a flash drive in a stylish box with your favorite photo on the front. Three outfits are permitted, $250.00.
      • Newborn session in your home. I bring professional posing tools, baskets, appropriate cloths and blankets - $425.00 includes the edited photo files, downloaded.
      •  You may view your portraits in our projection room with the digital artist who can answer all your questions and help you with your order.  We have a professional studio where everything is done in private and you’ll feel comfortable. A favorite product is the Baby Panel and the Precious Pieces Panel. Panels start at $250 or $299.00 with a black wood frame. Deposit of $40.00 required to book. Contact us today! LeMay Photography in Little Rock, AR is your baby PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERT.  Let us help you capture those memories of your most precious possessions! Deposits are not refundable but are transferable to another date.   Click here to book your session.

Adult/Couple Portraits

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Individual and couples portrait session:

This session features up to one hour in our studio or outdoors.  Receive all the original digital files by download  – $295.00 or all the originals plus five retouched photos for $350.00.

Or, view the photos here at the studio with the digital artist and buy just the ones you want.  Retouched/edited print packages start at $350 for  2 – 8 X 10’s, 4 – 5 X 7’s and 4 – 4 X 6’s from two poses.   Minimum purchase is $350.00.

Deposit needed to book is $40.00. Deposits are not refundable but are transferable to another date. Click here to pay the deposit.

Your Location | Business - Executive Portraits

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We will bring the photography equipment  we need to your place of business and make great use of your time.  The session fee is $95 which includes less than two hours of time, photo files are extra.  We are available for a consultation concerning  group photos.  Just select a time and date and send the request and we'll review the request and confirm your appointment.  If have six or more people needing to be photographed we will not charge the session fee.

Photo Booth

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People have so much fun inside the booth and love to get the photo strip immediately which they keep as a treasured memento with a custom logo at the bottom of the strip.  Also, right after the photos are taken they appear on our iPad for social media purposes.  A “buzz” can be created as friends near and far participate by viewing and commenting on the photos.  This is also how party goers can get a digital copy right away, a lot of fun.  We are constantly adding to the fun and fanciful accessories that people dress up with i.e. large colored boas, hats, many types and sizes of sunglasses, mustaches on sticks and a very popular tiara.  Many times we provide a photo booth Memory Book in which we give one of the strips to the guest and put one in a Memory Book for the bride or birthday person.  At that same time we ask that the quest to add a nice sentiment on the page.  This creates a wonderful collection of warm thoughts and precious memories.   Photo booths are found at wedding receptions, conventions, trade shows, holiday parties and fund raising events.  Photo booths are used to promote other businesses i.e. a dentist promoting their practice at schools.   The strip would have the dentist logo on the strip.  Making the photo strip another part of the dentist advertising materials.  Or the supplier of medical devices who has the photo booth at the extended living facility to promote their services.  Photo booth strips are valued and kept.  People put them in photo albums on refrigerators and keep them with their treasured possessions.

Photo Booth Services:   Photo Booth Services:  Two hours – $425  Three hours* – $599  Four hours* – $695.  Select your date and time of your event and send the request and we'll begin the confirmation process immediately.  I come and administer the booth. Unlimited strips and your logo on the strip. Travel time of  $50 per hour there and back out side the Little Rock metro area.* Includes the Memory Book for brides, birthday parties or anniversaries or on-line posting of the photos for corporate and other events. Would you like a particular theme, just let me know.

Special Events

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Special events are brief social engagements such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and business announcements.  We will make sure your event is properly documented while you enjoy yourself with your family and friends. One hour of coverage with the original digital images available by download is $295.00. Additional hours are available at $100 per hour. Add $20.00 if you would like for us to send you a CD/DVD disk by USPS.  Just click Book Now and the confirmation process will begin.  You will have every opportunity to ask all your questions.  If you're interested in Convention Services please let us know.  We serve the Central Arkansas area. 

Portrait viewing session - Family, Senior and Child Sessions

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This session is for viewing and ordering photos.  It is important that everyone needed to make a decision attend.  Your portraits will be projected in our studio theater showing a great deal of detail.  This is the best method for reviewing portraits and your input on artwork is very welcome.  A deposit of half is required to place an order.  Two hours are available so you will not feel rushed.   Please select your date and time and that will start the confirmation process.  The first available viewing appointment is a 10am and the last one available begins at 4pm. 

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