Julia’s Daughters

children teenage sisters outdoor portraitI have had the great pleasure to work with Julia and her daughters every few years on her children’s portraits. Watching them grow up has been a real treat. It is children sisters portrait outside leaning on each othervery satisfying to work with children and then see them grow into great people. When Julia called about an appointment for her children’s photos session we spoke about the location for the session. Would it be in the studio? Her home? An outdoor location? Since LeMay Photography is a full time “brick and mortar” studio we can offer the full range of portrait opportunities. She expressed a desire for outdoor portraits in an area near their home. Familiarity and ease of access are important when picking out a portrait location. This spot is very familiar to me and I know when the best time for photography is. The area has a row of trees that run north and south, creating nicely shaded areas suitable for portraiture.

The session was fun. We did some research on Pinterest for some fun ideas. I’ve found that this site is a great resource for finding out exactly what the customer wants to do. I believe a cooperative effort is the best way to conduct a portrait session. This results in both the client and photographer being satisfied with the outcome.

A couple of days later we presented the portraits in our projection room. Jennifer, my digital artist, shows the photos and answers questions about retouching/editing as the session continues. We show the images on a large screen, making it easy to find and correct blemishes. Our customers see the photos cropped and sized during this session, so they know exactly what the final
product will look like. There is always satisfaction and few questions when the children’s portraits are picked up. Portrait orders are usually a combination of prints and digital products. We believe strongly in the longevity of photographic prints. You will never need a device to enjoy the print, and photographs properly displayed will last for decades. Let us help you create a memory you will proudly display in your home. Children’s Portraits | Children’s Photos | Little Rock

children portrait of sisters back to back outdoors children teenage portrait of sisters outdoors children portrait of teenage sisters on rustic bridge




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