It takes a team to sell a home

real estate photo beautiful kitchenReal Estate photography is challenging but allow me the time to use my craft to achieve a great looking photo. Unlike children, a house does burst into tears when I arrive nor does it poop and pee on me like babies are prone to do. Don’t get me wrong please, I have photographed hundreds of children and babies and each of them is a challenge with the possibility of a memorable photo that will be cherished by a family for generations. I house is an endless canvas of tones, reflections and colors. Highlights and shadows abound hopefully revealing a warm inviting environment. Will Real Estate photos be cherished for generations? No! But i get to practice my art and hone my skills for a purpose. I haven’t been on many teams or done well on the ones I did get on. I like being on a team with Real Estate professionals who appreciate the same things i do. They have great ideas and suggestions which I am very careful to listen to. They know how people look at houses so they point me at areas they want to promote. I might miss the cute sitting area under the bay window because I’ve focused on some other part of the composition but the Real Estate Agent will not miss it, so I listen. I spend at least the same amount of time after the photo session in post production, a solitary ritual. However, that’s where a lot of magic happens. LeMay Photo has been serving Central Arkansas for more than thirty years. let us be a part of your team. Real Estate Photography | Real Estate Photos | Real Estate Pictures

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