Heather’s Generations Project

Family Portrait Little RockHeather has been bringing her children by for some time for Children’s Portraits.  Now we got to meet more of the family.  Heather had seen an interesting project on a web site featuring photos of her baby, herself, her mom and her grandmother.  Each person is seen holding a picture frame with their child in the photo. Family portraits are so important and especially portraits printed on photo paper and framed appropriately.  These family portraits are not easily lost and last many generations.  Also, they will never have to rely on any device or operating system to enjoy the portraits. Digital portraits are part of most portrait sales and there is still good reasons to value Family Portraits printed and framed properly.

We started the session with the baby who was in a great mood.  As the photos are made they appear on an iPad so the family doesn’t have to guess what the photos look like.  We repeated this step three more time so that after the Great grand mother we had good potential photos for our project.   They continued a few minutes later with Jennifer the digital artist in the projection room where the portraits are presented in a large size and cropped for framing.  Clients have the best time in looking at the portraits as loud laughter can often be heard from the the projection room.  Our clients use this time to ask Jennifer about stray hairs, blemishes and other items that could be corrected using digital art.

It is a great thing to be asked to do Family Portraits for our valued clients.  They trust us to create their likeness and present them to future family member many not even born yet. These portraits say “look, this is how we lived”  to the future family members.  Give LeMay Photography a call and let’s talk about portraits that will become a treasured family heirloom.   501-219-1165

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