Family Memories

family photo little rock While I was growing up, family was all around, there was always people that cared for me a great deal.  These were fine people who came from generations of other fine people.  I found that a heritage of caring was beneficial to  a good start in life.  The people who raised me were from the “Greatest Generation”.  They came of age during the depression, fought to rid the world of fascism, they tried to understand the “60’s” and to top it off they landed a man on the moon just to beat the Russians.  These people created great families.

What is a good tool to help us remember our families?  I think professional portraiture is like Memory Insurance.  When you see people digging through the rubble that had been their house and home for many years what are they looking for – their photographs.  The family photographs have been used generation to  generation to preserve the family heritage and pass down the memories that keep families strong.   As families are together during the holiday season many will take the time and get dressed up and come by the studio or meet me outside for a family portrait session.  It’s not easy to put it together but moms do a great deal of work and planning for the family portrait and it shows in the final product.  I really like carrying out a large framed print and carefully placing it in the customer’s trunk then a bit of counselling concerning display in the sun and off they go. Family portraits help keep memories alive.  Senior Portraits | Child Photos | Weddings | Business Head shots   family portrait little rock family photo little rock with attitude family photo little rock having fun

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