Emma’s Senior Portraits | Pet Photos Too

Senior portraits are a great place to show your affection for family, friends and in Emma’s case her dog.  We had a great time with Emma and her dog.  Emma took the opportunity to show her different interests.  She brought not only the dog but also her guitar and her martial arts outfits.  Emma is another Mount Saint Mary Belle who is going to do great things in her senior year and beyond.  Seniors are interested in a more natural look in their portraits.  They really enjoying reflecting this in their clothing choices and posing.  We look for moments where the senior is unaware of the camera and watch for truly personal expressions and poses.  This takes a bit more time but pays off in a big way with unique senior portraits.  Emma was relaxed and easy to work with. Bringing the dog was a wonderful addition.  The emotion and movement present in those photos show the love between Emma and her friend.  Motion in a portrait is a very tricky thing.  You don’t want the photo to look like a jumbled mess but a great moment filled with action and direction. I love looking for the different elements in seniors which results in a unique portrait of a very personal nature.  I like to shoot straight on at the beginning and then move the subject’s gaze left then right then down all the time looking for honest expressions and looks.  Several of Emma’s outfits suited the studio more than outdoors. Once again striving for a natural light that suits the subject is important to me.  Thanks Emma.    Senior Portrait Little Rock AR

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