Dillon | Catholic High Senior | Muscian

Dillon, what a great guy.  He is quite the musician playing with the Young People Orchestra.  It takes a great young man that can combine his studies at Catholic High with his participation in the orchestra and still excel.  We started Dillon’s senior portraits in the studio and continued outdoors.  We can offer the studio as an optional shooting location.   We usually do dressy portraits in the studio and dramatically lite portraits since we have a great deal of control of the lights.  It is a lot of fun making the outdoor portraits which features a soft background  enhancing the subject of the portrait.  We used the violin outside for some fun instrument shots.  I like to take a particular activity such as playing an instrument and have the musician play it different places, the woods, steam or the middle of the road on the double lines.  Since a coffee table book is a common purchase we make sure that the senior has plenty of choices.

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