CS&L Professional Business Portraits

We have had the pleasure to work with CS&L   http://www.cslreit.com/  several time during the last year.  They wanted a contemporary style for their portraits.  They shared some samples of what they wanted.  This style of portraiture features a light airy look.  The subjects are comfortable in their own environment which gives the viewers a look inside.  The technique is similar to shooting outside with natural light and a small amount of artificial light to fill in around the eyes.  This allows the background to be light with the natural light in the office which creates a great deal of depth.  Since we use a rather large f stop 5.0 the focus is on the subject and the background goes soft.  This works to emphasize the subject not distracting elements in the background.  Windows are allowed to “glow” some adding to the softness of the photo. This style of photography can be used outside for environmental business portraits.  Allowing the background to stay bright creates a photograph that calls attention to the subject.   Professional business portraits are very important because many time these simple portraits are the first introduction to the company.  There are no second chances for a good first impression.    Once we got back to the studio we prepared the photos and made them available on our web site.  The executives reviewed the portraits and decided on the ones to select.  Then our digital artist removes and softens facial flaws if any.  We had to remove a red fire alarm box which was in the background.  The portrait is then cropped to a proper size and sent to the company as a download.  Many businesses simply stand an employee in front of a wall and makes the photos with a iPhone.  I think the time spent making professional looking portraits is well worth the expense.  See more at www.lemayphoto.net     Business Head Shots Professional Executive Portraits

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