Children’s Portraits – Permanent or Temporary

small child portrait sitting on rustic bridgeLeMay Photography has always photographed many children and have enjoyed the parents who brought them to us.  Our clients take many of their child portrait with mom sitting on grassown photos but understand the difference in cell phone photos and the quality of a fine made print of their child.  Many parents do understand that most of the cell phone photos will be lost or just deleted to make more room for more iPhone photos, so the need for a permanent solution is important.  So what is a more permanent solution for the long term life of your Children’s photos?  Remember your grandmother’s photo box full of treasured memories in the attic. Those small black and white prints have proved to be a permanent record of people and events of their time.  They can’t be deleted or corrupted only enjoyed and treasured for generations.  As historians search for photos from the early part of the 21st century they will discover many photos from the 20th and 19th century and few from the 21st century.  They will still be able to find images printed in books that have been carefully archived.  Historic paintings have been persevered on the walls of castles and ancient homes and are still being enjoyed today and will be long into the future.  I believe the printed image is the only truly permanent medium to store our precious memories.

So LeMay Photography will be happy to sell you a flash drive with the original digital files for your child’s photos however we will always give you a choice of prints or digital.  We would be delighted to photograph you baby, child or teenager in our studio, outside or in your home or special place.   Child Photos  | Children Portraits| Baby Photos | Baby Portraits | Child Pictures | Baby Pictures

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