Business – Executive Portraits

business head shot samples Just how important is your image?  With the explosion of web sites and social media, our images really get around.  Every time someone views thembusiness portrait black lady in front of gray backgroundthey make an impression, a  very important moment.  We want people to have good thoughts when our photo is displayed.  We want people to say “Hey, he looks friendly” or ” OK, she looks very professional”.  So many people rely on a “selfy” for this but you’re risking a lot.  If you don’t think you’re worth a small fee and a brief session other people might think you’re not worth it also.  A Professional Portrait can be a real important asset.  Many times I photograph a new employee who hasn’t had their first day yet and has been asked to send in a portrait.  What will the new boss think with your less than stellar effort?  Consider a proper business portrait.   The session is less than one hour and we deliver the finished retouched photos usually no later than the next day or in some cases that same day.  Special arrangements can be made for company wide sessions, where I set set up professional lighting and background.  This makes great use of your employees time and your productivity doesn’t suffer.  Our artist does a great job on making you look great removing facial blemishes and stray hairs and you’ll fell like taking on the whole world.   LeMay Photography is in the Arcade Square Shopping Center in west Little Rock.   Business Portraits | Executive Photos | Business Head shots |

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