Reflections on the Business of Professional Photography

How does a photographer set themselves apart from all the other people many who are just starting. A new photographer can set up a very nice web page over a weekend and start competing immediately with more establish businesses. Experience and talent demonstrated over many years is no longer as important as it used to be. The huge number of new photographers also works to suppress the price any photographer can charge. I personally don’t see how any young person could ever start a successful full time business. Being a full-time photography business owner was my dream.  I had the opportunity to apprentice under a studio owner whose husband had passed away and who needed some help. Several years later I purchased that business while still working at UALR. Then came the day shortly after the birth of our second child I gave the university notice and i was off. In those days photography required a lot of time especially in the darkroom. Shooting during the day and working in the darkroom at night, I listened to all the little feet run around upstairs as my children grew up. I was the dad in the little room with the orange light wearing an apron. I have enjoyed my business a great deal. We saw four children through private Catholic school and one by one through college and some grad school. LeMay Photography was always there with my wife, a professional health care worker when tuition was due. Photo Studio | Portraits | Senior | Children Photos | Real Estate Photos

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