Real Estate Photography by LeMay Photography is a flat rate of $99 and your first home is half off. (Central Arkansas only)

Don’t be tempted to take shortcuts like using your cell phone. I allow one hour to make the photos of a home using the most current professional camera equipment and the processing time afterwards can be as much as two hours using very expensive software packages such as Photo Shop and Light Room. Some think that all you need is the right lens and camera but the processing work after is the step where the true value of the high end camera is revealed. Photo Shop has a very long learning curve, your time is better spent marketing your services and listings, buy a car or a boat instead of the professional camera and lens. When you talk to your Real Estate clients you put your best foot forward and assure them of your professionalism and that you have their interest in mind. So follow through with great Real Estate Photos.

LeMay Photography is a full-time professional photography studio in west Little Rock. We would like to work with you on your Real Estate photography needs. LeMay Photography offers speedy and affordable photography services. We would like to enhance your brand’s identity without breaking the bank.

Commercial interiors and exteriors offer a different type of challenge but yield very useful images for advertising and marketing. Call or email for a custom quote.

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