Family Portraits make sure Memories Survive

family portrait little rock eight granddaughters Family portraits are one of my most favorite photos to create. After talking about location and dress we are ready to go. Many times the family photograph will have so many people in it that we can’t fit it in the studio or the clients would feel more comfortable outdoors. I used to worry about shooting outdoors in the winter time but not any more. As long as the clients are healthy and willing we shoot outside. Many portraits are made this way because young photographers who family portrait little rock three sisters outdoorsare just starting off can’t offer studio photography. That’s OK rules are flexible and many are easily broken. The temperature during the session for the photo above was 28 degrees and we were out there more than one hour. At the end as I was putting my gear away they were still standing about visiting and catching up, they and I had a nice time. We have to be careful with the clothing worn in the portrait. All it takes is on person wearing red pok-a-dots and the family photo is shot. So we talk a lot about what to wear. For outdoors khaki pants or jeans are comfortable and work out often. Tops are usually pastels or white, many thing will work just as it won’t distract from the other people. The day of the session arrives and we assemble at my studio and then caravan to the outdoor site using as few cars as possible. I still like to use an electronic flash just to light up the faces a bit and to get of dark areas around the eyes. Family Portraits | Family Photos | Family Pictures Little Rock family portrait little rock mom and three daughters outdoors

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